Hank Aaron Statue


Hank Aaron holds the record for the most All-Star Games has stood the test of time - he was [...]

Hank Aaron Statue2023-09-01T15:56:32-04:00

Maya Angelou Portrait


On April 5th, 2014, Maya Angelou's Portrait by Atlanta-based artist Ross Rossin was unveiled during the event at the [...]

Maya Angelou Portrait2023-09-01T15:56:32-04:00

Unveiling of Portrait at NY Stock Exchange


On April 14th, 2022, Jeff’s Sprecher’s portrait was unveiled at the NYSE in NYC before the closing bell. Rossin said [...]

Unveiling of Portrait at NY Stock Exchange2023-09-01T15:56:32-04:00

Captivated: Rossin’s Southwest and Beyond


By Fine Art Today - September 12, 2021 View original article at: https://fineartconnoisseur.com/2021/09/captivated-rossins-southwest-and-beyond/#respond The Booth Museum is shining a spotlight [...]

Captivated: Rossin’s Southwest and Beyond2023-09-01T15:56:32-04:00

Artistic Love Letter


Article in Discover Bartow Magazine Spring 2019 by Marie Nesmith, photos by Randy Parker Known as the artist’s [...]

Artistic Love Letter2023-09-01T15:56:33-04:00
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