On April 14th, 2022, Jeff’s Sprecher’s portrait was unveiled at the NYSE in NYC before the closing bell.

Rossin said about Jeff, “The cool thing is that he is the epitome of success and the ultimate entrepeneur. And here we are on the floor of the NYSE surrounded by screens and numbers and Jeff is anything but screens and numbers- he is so human with presence that is full of energy and also engaging.

That afternoon, before we all gathered to go to THE FLOOR Jeff explained to us exactly how the closing bell worked. It was obvious the guy is an engineer because he went into great detail about what was going to happen and the precision of when we were to start clapping etc etc. He told us about the history of the bell verses the modern day bell – it was so interesting and such an awesome afternoon….to be there on the NYSE FLoor with the outgoing CEO of the NYSE – is this a great country, or what?”