The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is the permanent guardian of more than 1,700 works of art and the collection is a valuable asset in terms of its historical and cultural relevance. Artwork in the Hall’s collection includes painting, sculpture, watercolor, drawing, print, ceramic, fiber, photograph, glass, along with mixed and multi- media. Numerous mediums are utilized and many well-known players from the 19th century to the present day are depicted along with representations of ballparks, equipment and play on the field.

Babe Ruth – Painted in 2012 by Ross R. Rossin. Born Rossen Raytchev Raykov in Bulgaria, the artist better known as Rossin is acclaimed for his large-scale, photorealistic portraits. His meticulously detailed works have led to commissions from U.S. presidents and other prominent figures in politics, business and entertainment. Rossin painted Babe Ruth, one of the most recognizable icons of American culture.

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