Treasured and passed down for generations, family portraits include parents, grandparents, children and extended relatives. These timeless, museum-quality oil paintings are often the most beloved possession of any family.

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Mr and Mrs Anschulz2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Stephanie and daughter private collection2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Private Collection2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Sherry David2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Private Collection2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Nathan Miller2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Lu and Bob Steed, Private Collection2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Children of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Hertz family, four generations, United Distributors2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Mr. Virgil Williams2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Opening Day at Bear Creek2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00
Mr and Mrs Elliott Goldstein2023-09-01T15:57:56-04:00

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Museum-quality portraits painted by Ross Rossin with no formal settings required.