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  • Rossin in his studio touching up a traditional portrait.

Talk about a high-class messenger service. Secretary of State John Kerry moonlighted as a courier during the 13-day around-the-world diplomatic mission he just returned from.

We hear he picked up the unlikely side gig when Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), one of his favorite former colleagues, asked for help in presenting a gift to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Kerry offered to deliver it himself, though at the time, he probably didn’t imagine the size of the job he was taking on.

The present turned out to be a life-sized oil painting of Gandhi by Georgia artist Ross Rossin, from Atlanta businessman R.K. Sehgal, and it wasn’t something Kerry could just slip into his bag: the 6 foot-by-6 foot canvas was so large it had to be rolled up and stashed in the SecState’s personal cabin on the plane (a far classier ride than your typical deliveryman’s).

Kerry accomplished the hand off to the Prime Minister during a stop in New Delhi, the second destination in his nearly two-week swing through Asia and the Mideast.

Kerry would do well to keep his clientele list exclusive — perhaps just his old Senate pals — or he might find himself with more work than he can handle. Mr. Secretary, next time you’re in Italy, would you mind picking us up a pizza? 


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