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  • Rossin on stage at the Warner Theater for US Postal Service 'Maya Forever' Stamp Reveal Original portrait: 48"x48" oil-on-canvas
  • Rossin in his studio touching up a contemporary work
  • Rossin in his studio touching up a traditional portrait.

Portrait Commissions

"Wow! This is an outstandingly remarkable portrait and we couldn't be happier. Rossin was a delight to work with and the process was so easy".

If this is the outcome you are looking for, trust Rossin for your upcoming portrait commission.

Ross Rossin can be depended upon to make the job simple and worry-free. Regardless of your needs, Rossin will guarantee the results you want – he has masterfully completed over five hundred and fifty museum-quality portraits since moving to the US from his native Bulgaria in 2001 . His mild-mannered demeanor combined with his excellent listening skills quickly lend to a comfortable setting where, together, you and he will determine the perfect plan for your portrait. Please contact us here to find out more information about how you can hire Ross Rossin for your upcoming portrait commission. Scroll down to see a small sample of his portfolio, and to read more about Rossin's portfolio commission opportunities.

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Professor Archibald Cox

Harvard Law School
Cambridge MA


Judge Dorothy Toth Beasley

Chief Judge, Court of Appeals
Atlanta, GA


Roberto Goizueta

Former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, and his wife, Olga
Goizueta Foundation
Atlanta, GA


Sea Island Beauty

Private Collection
Sea Island, GA


Rossin with President Bush Sr. and First Lady

Double portrait of Bushes in the background, by Rossin George H. W. Bush library
College Station, TX


Mr. Alton Wingate

CEO, Community Bank
Cornelia, GA

Rossin’s proven method removes intimidation via his streamlined and simple process. With a quick photo session or pictures provided by the client, no formal settings are ever required. After options of size, pose and background are discussed and determined, a due date is set and you will soon be presented with a extraordinary painting that will surpass your expectations.

Starting at just $16,000, he can work with your budget to create a masterpiece that will endure for centuries to come. And, because the work is guaranteed, you know going into the process that your investment is protected.

Painting since age six, Rossin’s has established an astonishing production capacity that enables him to keep his prices fair and reasonable. In addition to family portraiture, his clientele includes a wide range of world leaders in politics, business, science, history and the arts. His work can be found in various government institutions, museums and private collections around the world.

His four paintings in The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s Permanent Collection in Washington DC are a testament to his extraordinary talent. A master of the human face and figure, Rossin also has extensive experience in large-scale contemporary portraiture as well as bronze sculptures. He is a gifted creator who also welcomes the opportunity to assist designing artistic visions for corporations and venues. From a simple family portrait to a large scale project, Rossin can be relied upon to make your artistic concept a reality that exceeds your expectations..


20 Tenth Street NW #2301 Atlanta, GA 30309, USA 



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